Storytelling Skills: Home project



Desert island discs



Matt asked a virtual assistant what’s home to “it”. So clever, right?

Hero’s journey: 12 steps that bring the hero from an ordinary state to another static world after a long journey through actions, tests, rewards etc.

We wrote comments to other’s people findings, that we afterwards integrated to our own project in order to find the fil rouge in which we could agree.

In order to find a safe place for people who are away from home.


After few attempts, I discovered how the audience we want to is meaningfully relevant to develop a project. I started by thinking about the outcome before asking myself who’s it meant for.


  • What is it all about: Home, sometimes, is just a familiar place CONNECTED to your home
  • Who do I want to talk to: those people far from home that can’t return for different reasons
  • Why am I doing this: I’m away from home too and I know how people feel being so far

At the end, we decided to leverage abandoned spaces, unused offices and rooms to provide people, through a booking app, a moment of real relieve. Home, for a minute.

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