Marginalised Voices – Kick Off


Before even writing down the first ideas, the second group project already seems to be a huge challenge. The aim is to give a [new] voice to those who are not heard.

Me, Maaike, Antek and Ivan teamed up for this project, and shared our ideas in terms of our personal interests. Who do we individually want to help?

We all share different backgrounds.

I come from Italy, where illegal immigration raises many issues within and outside the country. We are currently not able to deal with the amount of immigrants coming towards our country. Recently, the Aquarius vessel were forced out of the Italian coast, when the Prime Minister M. Salvini “closed” the Sicilian ports due to allegedly overpopulated refugee camps throughout the Italian territory.

Italian populist motto: “Let’s help them in their home“.

Croatia and Poland are in the same situation. Although Italy is not the most globalised country of the world, if we exclude Milan and maybe Rome – there’s also the Holy Church! -, Poland and Croatia are even less exposed to other cultures, mostly because they’re not countries where migrants tend to stop throughout their escape journey.


Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 01.32.06.png


We agreed to elaborate a project that explores this scenario of domestic cohabitation, together with an analysis of the issues that contrasting ideas have enhanced even in the most developed countries.

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