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In order to represent the whole journey that Syrian refugees often go through when they are forced to flee this warzone scenario in their countries, we are creating a progressive storyline that takes a Syrian citizen from a state of comfort in his/her house, to run away from bombs


  • Bassel Safadi, a web engeneer and CC journalist that disappeared in 2013
  • Jamal Abdou, a former detainee of Saydnaya that talked about
  • The journalist and write Rania Abouzeid has been documenting refugees “adventures” for over a decade now, and started focusing on the Syrian situation only from 2011, the beginning of the Arab Spring and the revolution. She wrote a book called “No Turning Back” in which she follows some Syrian people, not only refugees or innocent people but also Jihadi and Nusra fighters. We could convey their stories, somehow, and call it a “collaboration” with the writer, to make it BIG.–real-people-tell-their-stories-of-survival–hope/;
  • Nayef al-Bayoush ( Nayef’s story is about being prisoner at the Okab prison in Syria, charged as a journalist (Syrian) for investigating private matter of the Nusra front, an Al Assad associated terrorist group;

My part of the story pictures therefore a prison cell, inspired by a Forensic Architecture project in collaboration with Amnesty International, that re-created the infamous Saydnaya prison.

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Saydnaya in particular has a really blurred

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