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The Italian situation gets more and more fascinating. Ironically fascinating.

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According to, in 2018, 23.000 illegal migrants landed on Italian coasts. Still very few compared to other countries. Spain is currently the country that faces the biggest wave of immigration (especially from the Sub-Saharian Africa [Guinea, Mali, Cotè D’Avoir, Gambia], Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria), del Medio Oriente (Siria). Also Greece situation is quite severe.

In Italy, the vastest amount of illegal immigration comes from North Africa countries such as Tunisia (23% of the Total), then Eritrea, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Niger, Algeria and Cotè D’Avoir.

They’re mostly males (72%).

In general, Europa is trying to stop immigration waves at any cost. Few attempts, such as the Bulgarian one, were made to make compromise for hostile countries that are instead asked to give a monetary support when not welcoming migrants.

In terms of gates, Italy and Libya made (and strengthen afterwards) an agreement, supported from Gentiloni and Minniti, to reinforce the Libyan port security in order to stop Nigerian people when crossing the Libyan border in order to leave from the Libyan coasts.

“Closed ports” is not an actual political move, but rather a propaganda instrument. Although some Italian ports are still accepting ships approaches to the Italian coasts, the maneveur is discouraging help and support towards ships that would not be allowed to approach land. It would be a waste of time.

Furthermore, ONGs are undergoing a massive denigrator campaign that claim that this associations are creating new routes between Italy and Africa (Gino Strada amongst all is hardly criticising this statements) in order to bring Italian waste to another continent.

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