[DESIGN W/OUT] Languages, biases


Since the Elective course I’ve choose kicked off, it’s been a terrific mind blow.

Currently I’m investigating the world of language. What language means, what’s its purpose and how it works. Or better, how do we make it work.

The fact that languages are everywhere is still a bit sinister to me.

  • Time
  • Movement
  • Climate
  • Death
  • Words
  • Food
  • Religion
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Codes

Just as far as I’ve noticed. There’s definitely more.

But one thing that ultimately bothers me is that among so many languages, cultures, and ways of thinking, only few of them are globally recognised as part of a unique prospective. Words,

Death? Death is a sure thing, isn’t it? Differently by others. Well, as far as we know, although men have been fighting against this obliged final destination since the beginning of civilisations. But keep in mind that there are subcultures in the Caribbean, in Central Africa and in few other parts of the world, that conceive death as a moment of relieve, something to be thankful for.

Even colours! Not even colours are seen the same way! (A very interesting watch of how different cultures perceive colours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMqZR3pqMjg)

So my question is: is there a language that is arguably perceived and understood the same exact way by all the populations that live in this Planet?



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