Decolonising the institution – Huckletree West




Thursday 4, October 2018.

At the Huckletree West in White City, the RCA organisation held a very interesting roundtable around the inequalities within major and minor institutions, universities and big companies between communities, sub-cultures and working-classes often subtly hit affected by racism and marginalisation. Even where institutions themselves aim to promptly fight this structural injustice.

The lecturers invited, guest of Eleanor Dare, were three young London-based design and fashion students, all very prolific within the discussion of Decolonisation.

I found the discussion very stimulating, yet partially capable of a real achievement and a defined conclusion. We all know, however, there is no conclusion whatsoever.

The distinction between communities, gender and races within every aspect of our society, as I discussed with Gabrielle, is nothing short than structural, inextricable and part of our “pure and sheer” society. It is the product of hundreds, thousands of years of sitting in the same corrupt work-force and gender-equity – not equality – consciousness that is hard to believe that we can overcome such a corrupt system in less than 100 years of self-affirmation flashes.


Despite the level of the debate, however, one of the lecturers suddenly stated how Royal College of Art, as well as other world-size influent institutions, should just “open its doors” to the “people”. This statement in particular made me re-evaluate the actual depth of my generation’s knowledge about the dynamics that make this world go round.

Unfortunately, beyond every conceivable dream me and my generation may have, I recognise we often miss the bigger picture, pointing out issues as if they were not part of a system that needs deeper changes, rather than – sometimes pointless – manifestation.

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